Published On: Sun, Aug 17th, 2014


Catharsys_Band“The purging of emotions through the expression of art” Catharsys. And that’s how this band from Shillong which was formed in mid August of 2012 got their name. For them it’s rather “the purging of emotions through the expression of music”. And of course just a plain desire to make music and form a band! Playing Avant-garde metal or avant-metal, also known as experimental metal, this band likes Opeth, Textures, Tesseract, Gojira, Aberrant, Plague Throat, Dymbur, Dead Calm Chaos, Cynical Project (don’t ask me why I added International as well some of  our awesome local bands from Shillong on the same lines! They are all BANDS! Great bands!)

Consisting of Fassen on Guitar/Vocals, Gol on Bass and Darren on Drums/vocals, the band played their first gig at the Meghalaya Icon 5 auditions held in Shillong. Were they awesome? YES they were! The band made it to the Grand Finale of Meghalaya Icon 5 and trust you me, this band is here to stay! Happy “metal-ling” until then!

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

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