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Assassins Fist

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1340369323_415324635178741_509267049_nAssassins Fist are a Metalcore band from Guwahati, Assam, India, formed in the Spring of 2011, although the band prefers not to be narrowed down to one genre. However, for the purpose of describing their sound vaguely, one can classify them as a Metalcore band that plays the melodic variety, popularized by the likes of Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall and As I Lay Dying.

The band’s Reverbnation page has 3 songs available for streaming, titled “Curse of the Innocence”, “Under Devil Control” and “Voice Inside”. Each of the 3 songs showcase the playing and compositional capabilities of the musicians involved, with hooky, groovy riffs, consistent double bass drumming, and most noticeably, the vicious vocal delivery, combined with occasional clean vocals (as heard on the track “Voice Inside”). The riffing style is undoubtedly inspired by early 2000’s  Melodic Metalcore acts mentioned earlier, while the lead guitar is distinctly neoclassical, with sweeping solos and melodic parts reminiscent of Traditional Heavy Metal. Musically, these young lads are undoubtedly capable of putting out competent and quality stuff.

A major problem plaguing these songs is the stunted, unvarying tempo. The tempo remains rather consistent throughout each of the songs, rendering the songwriting rather uninteresting  More challenging compositions would really help the band by magnifying the memorability and making them more intriguing to a listener. Another disadvantage that can be pointed out is more subjective than an actual error on the band’s part. The sound Assassins Fist are aiming towards is certainly not the most original, since numerous bands that play a similar style already exist. The band claim to add their own flavour, but a lot more work is needed before they find their own, original sound.
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Rating: ★★½☆☆

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